Chain Link Fence Calgary

Why select chain link fencing?

  • Strength

Chain link fencing may not appear very robust but there are good reasons why it has widespread use in high-use public areas and sports facilities where it takes a battering.

So, when it comes to the harsh elements in Calgary and southern Alberta, it is well capable of withstanding the battering it gets from the wind, rain, ice, and snow too.

Our chain link fences are composed of galvanized steel mesh, making them one of the strongest on the market. They do not rust and should last decades.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Chain link fences are well-suited to large projects because of their per-foot cost-effectiveness compared to options like wood, vinyl or ornamental fencing.

Galvanized steel wire mesh pricing remains relatively steady and so a chain link fence almost always provides affordable value.

Whether you need a fence to secure the perimeter of your property, for a dog run or garden or another small area within a larger property, chain link could be a great option.

  • Easy & efficient installation

Chain link fences are among the easiest to install because of their simple panel design and relatively lightweight nature. This keeps installation costs down and the overall cost of the fence affordable.

Whether you need a temporary 10-foot fence or a permanent 5000-feet fence, the quick installation process adds to the attraction of chain link, reducing delays and making sure that it starts doing its job as soon as possible.

  • Minimal maintenance

Chain link is one fencing option where you barely have to lift a finger to maintain it. Other than clearing vegetation, tightening the odd loose bolt, and an occasional pressure clean, it looks after itself.

You don’t need to worry about rust, warping, insects, or rot, like with some other fencing options. No chemicals are required to protect galvanized steel.

This means you can spend your weekends doing other more enjoyable things than maintaining your fence!

  • Flexibility

Galvanized steel mesh is unique in the strength and security it can provide while still allowing a relatively open view beyond. This makes it ideal for areas like tennis courts, dog runs, or perimeter fencing where you want an unobstructed view.

However, chain link fencing is also flexible enough to provide more privacy if required. We can simply add slats that block the view – great for making a yard area a little more private.

The different gauges, heights, and colours of chain link fencing (need a black chain link fence?) also provide flexibility for home, business and acreage property owners.

Recent chain link fencing projects

Take a look at our gallery of completed chain link fencing installations in Calgary. Whether you have a small or large-scale fencing project, get inspired by design ideas for your own chain link fence.

View our photo gallery

Frequently asked questions

When installing a chain link fence, you will need to factor in the cost per square foot (this varies with the height/gauge of the mesh), fence post costs, gate costs, and any optional upgrades that you request, as well as the costs of installing the fence.

Labour costs typically take up between 25-50 percent of the total cost of a fence.

At Relia-Built Fencing, our free estimates provide a total cost of installation – with no hidden fees.

Your chain link fence should last you decades – even with minimal maintenance. On average, our fences last 20-30 years, making them excellent long-term investments for most home, business, and acreage property owners in the Calgary area.

Client Testimonials

Relia-Built worked on my fence this past season and I am overwhelmed with the professionalism and quality of the work. They were respectful, listened to my needs and worked with me. I’m very pleased with the finished product and will be recommending this company to everyone!
Connor came out and visited our Calgary home this past fall and I am thrilled with the service and quality of the product delivered. Connor was detailed, adapted to my needs and guided me to the most suitable product. I’m pleased and highly recommend Relia-Built Fence and Deck to all.
Great product and excellent service! Relia-Built gave us a detailed, professional quote and the fence was built on time and on budget. Staff from the office to the building crew were all great to deal with. We would definitely recommend Relia-Built to anyone looking for a “Reliable” fencing contractor!
Our estimates are FREE – and always will be.