Ornamental Fencing Calgary

Why select ornamental fencing?

  • Endurance

Everyone wants a fence that lasts. Ornamental fencing doesn’t just look great – it lasts great too!

Because of the robust materials used in ornamental fencing, it is probably the strongest, toughest, and most durable of all fence types. These fences are rated for the toughest weather conditions and are not subject to rot, warping, fading, or any of the other common problems that fences suffer from in Calgary.

Ornamental fences are warrantied for 25+ years! So, you can be sure that once you install your fence with Relia-Built, you won’t need to worry about replacing it for the next few decades.

  • Minimal maintenance

Some fence types need love and attention to maintain their condition, prevent problems, and keep on protecting your property.

Not ornamental fencing. Once installed, it’s practically “set and forget”. You’ll hardly need to lift a finger to keep it in top condition.

This makes it perfect for homeowners who not only want the classic style of ornamental fencing but like to spend their weekends doing something other than weather-proofing their fence or preventing rot. An occasional pressure-clean and clearing vegetation should keep your fence looking great.

  • Security

Few fence types can compare with ornamental fencing for security. Not only does it use some of the most robust fencing materials around – it is notoriously difficult to climb.

You might also want to enhance the security of your home or business with a custom-designed and manufactured fence. You could make it taller or even more difficult to scale with the help of our fence-design expertise to ward off potential intruders.

These practical benefits combine with the aesthetic attractions and elegance of ornamental fencing to make it the perfect choice for many residential or commercial fencing projects.

Recent ornamental fencing projects

Take a look at our gallery of completed ornamental fencing installations in Calgary. Whether you have a small or large-scale fencing project, get inspired by design ideas for your own ornamental fence.

View our photo gallery

Frequently asked questions

Ornamental and wrought iron fences are similar but the terms should not be used interchangeably.

Traditionally in Europe, ornamental fences were made from wrought iron. Nowadays, wrought iron fences usually contain silicate or other substances and are not made from pure iron. Most are custom-designed to order.

Most ornamental fences in Canada are made from steel (which is a mixture of iron and carbon). They provide many of the same benefits as wrought iron fences but with added strength and durability. They are also more affordable than using 100 percent iron and can be mass-produced rather than custom-made.

Our ornamental fences are rust-proof. The steel used is powder-coated which creates a rust-proof seal on the fence.

This is ideal for the Calgary climate and contributes to the durability of this type of fence – even without extensive maintenance.

Client Testimonials

Relia-Built worked on my fence this past season and I am overwhelmed with the professionalism and quality of the work. They were respectful, listened to my needs and worked with me. I’m very pleased with the finished product and will be recommending this company to everyone!
Connor came out and visited our Calgary home this past fall and I am thrilled with the service and quality of the product delivered. Connor was detailed, adapted to my needs and guided me to the most suitable product. I’m pleased and highly recommend Relia-Built Fence and Deck to all.
Great product and excellent service! Relia-Built gave us a detailed, professional quote and the fence was built on time and on budget. Staff from the office to the building crew were all great to deal with. We would definitely recommend Relia-Built to anyone looking for a “Reliable” fencing contractor!
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